Professional software for furniture and stairs

The perfect mix of performance, quality and price

  • Save time!

    Up to 5 times faster than drawing by hand or with CAD. Automatic and instant plans, cut lists and CNC output.

  • Get more clients!

    Present all your projects in stunning 3D and get instant quotes and detailed prices.

  • Eliminate production errors!

    One click editing, all documents are updated in real time. Error free cut lists and plans every time.

  • Powerful but very easy to use!

    The ideal solution for small to medium workshops, industrial manufacturers, designers and architects.

Backed up by expert technical support and training

Choose between these 2 options...


Use the free version of the software without having to buy

  • Design in full, view in 3D and obtain project pricing, all with the free version of the software.
  • Use our CabinetFile and StairFile services to receive your manufacturing documents (exclusive to Premium Support subscribers).
  • Or send your design to one of our Approved Suppliers to get your parts cut and machined ready for assembly.
  • A great solution for small to medium workshops, designers and architects, or for a one-off project.


Buy the complete version of the software and manufacture yourself

  • Optimise your manufacturing workflow.
  • Get from initial order to successful project completion in the shortest time possible.
  • The ideal solution for all workshops manufacturing multiple projects at any one time, and industrial enterprises.
  • Bonus...if you own CNC, become one of our Approved Suppliers and propose your services to a much wider audience.

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  • Pro Design Software

    1000s of successful businesses in more than 30 countries rely on our software. As a member, you get can either buy or use it for free.

  • From Design to Build

    We’ll help you get up and running, from design through to manufacture, or help you outsource cutting and machining your parts ready for assembly.

  • Expert Training Resources

    100s of software and workshop video tutorials, eBooks, project templates and support exactly when you need it.

A few words from people successfully using our software and services right now...

Nobody else offers this combination of professional design software, unparalled training and start to finish expert support

  • Massive productivity gains for professional woodworkers, designers and architects

    Our software makes it easy to create and modify accurate costed project designs and to generate compelling 3D presentations for clients, all instantly ready for manufacture on approval.

  • We also offer a ready made affordable solution for one off and occasional projects

    Access pro software without having to buy it. Instead use our cutting list and plans processing service, or ask one of our suppliers to cut and machine your parts for you.

  • Save Time and Money

    Work smarter. Our software is so much quicker than drawing by hand or CAD. Encourages creativity, saves countless hours and avoids costly errors.

  • Flexible Working

    Your projects, your way. Whatever your business size and area of expertise. Flexible purchasing and outsourcing options to meet your specific needs.

  • And ALL in One Place!

    No more trawling the internet for advice and services. We’ve got everything you need right here…great software and training resources at your fingertips.

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