How to design a staircase with a half turn landing using StairDesigner

Set up the general view of the stair with a sketch

stair layout with landing

Draw the stairwell for this half turn staircase either by hand or better still using a CAD program to have the layout and main dimensions.

Set up the stair


Enter the parameters calculated from the intial drawing in the Stair Well parameters dialogue box.
To have the stair comply to the stair rule g+2h>600<640mm the initial stair rule has to be more that 600mm.
When adding the landings the total length of the stair will diminish.

Create a landing step


In our example we will add a landing to the middle of the stair
Click right on the 8th step and select “Landing step in the menu”.
The landing step doesn’t change shape but now the stair is divided into 2 separate flights.

Changing the parameters of the landing step


Click right on the 8th nosing and select “Step Propertises” in the menu.

Changing the landing step nosing


In the “Landing Properties” dialog box make sure “Distance from flight start is selected.
Enter 0 for the Right side position
Enter 0 for the Absolute Angle.
The nosing should be straight in the diagram

Changing the landing exit parameters


Click right on the 9th nosing.
Select “Step Propertise” in the menu.

Positioning the landing exit nosing


For the “Right side ” enter 280, (this is the length of the inner string= length of flight + 2 x string thickness).
For the “Absolute angle” enter 180.
The landing exit step should be horizontal.

The resulting stair with its half turn landing

half turn staircase

The stair with its landing should look like this.

3D view


3D model ready to recieve newel posts

Verifying the stair parameters


To see if the stair has a correct going/rise ratio for each flight, use the “Interlanding Parameters” tool box.

The Interlanding Parameters Tool Box


We can see here that the stair is divided into 2 flights each with it’s own going and stair rule.
If the “Set all Step height equal” box is unticked, it’s also possible to create different rises per flight.
In our example both flights are within the regulations and the stair rule remains >600<640.
We can now add the newel posts and handrails.

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