Name: Damian Clarke

I am very happy with the service,

Stairs are a small part off what I do,

so will not use the system a lot.

I would recommend your product and service to anybody



From Dave Pascalon 15th April 2012

Hello Ness,

I would like to thank you once again for the advise and personal coaching that you have given me these last weeks and since I’ve started work on my house and especially the stair that I have built thanks to your StairDesigner software.
Here are a few photos of the finished stairs that worked out much better than I could have hoped for (we are just amateur DIY enthousiasts), but we are proud to have made our stairs and proud of the final product!

We wish you all the best for your future project and now, for us  it’s time to rest a bit and enjoy our new stairs.

Kind regards

Dave Pascalon


From: Dave Sarlotte

Hi Ness,

Here are some photos of the stair I’ve made with temporary steps in place.
A nice mix of steel and wood.

Thanks to your site and software:



From: Ludovic Aubier

I have made my stair thanks to your software. It’s a quarter turn with winders, difficult to calculate because of a very small stair well that’s only 1750mm long. But It all worked out fine  in the end thanks to your software and help.
A big thankyou and congatualtions for the software and thanks again for sharing your experience in stair building.

Ludovic Aubier


From: Xavier

Hi Ness,
Your articles are very interesting and as I’m an amateur I’m less embarassed to show you a few photos of the stair I have been able to make thanks to StairDesigner and your help and support.
It’s for sure that it’s not a wooden stair but the shape was very complicated and I really wanted it to look like this.
The stair is in cement and I made the form in wood. I employed a stone masson to cover the stair in marble and plastered the underside.


From: Maarten van der Heijden


Thanks for all the information.

Thanks to your StairFile service that I bought in November, I have been able to put together this stair with steel strings and oak steps.

Thanks for a great service.

Maarten van der Heijden


From :Serge TESSIER

It’s been a moment I have been wanting to reply to your emails to tell you how much I appreciate  and find interesting the information you send.
As I have built my house completely I inevitably came to the moment I had to build a stair. In fact there are 2 stairs.
It was at this moment surfing the internet I found your site, a real blessing for me.
I found everything I was looking for technically and pratically and even more.
Your motivation and enthousiasm helped me dare undertake the challenge of stair building.
I not afraid of much  but a stair seemed daunting for someone who has never made one before!
And here it is my first stair has been installed for about a year and I’m pretty proud of it!
And now I’m starting another stair project for my daughter.


From: Michel Villetard

Dear Sir,
Following your last email and having filled in your survey, I’m sending you some photos of the stair that I have built in chestnut, thanks to your stair software.
I’m not a professional but an enthousiastic amateur woodworker.
I hope that the photos of a DIY are of interest to you.


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