Low cost CAD/CAM woodworking systems

We’ve looked at some of the main woodwork software solutions out there and decided to put together an overview of what the majority of small to medium woodwork businesses tell us they need. That’s affordable software that is still powerful enough for professional use and flexible enough to accommodate each individual workshop’s manufacture methods. Nobody…

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Stair with 3 Part String between Plaster Board Walls

Installation of a stair highlighting a great way to assemble strings in situ, plus more specialised techniques for fixing the strings to plaster boards. In renovation work we often find ourselves having to install woodwork against walls that are irregular and difficult to measure precisely. Wood work projects are made of straight lines, precise angles…

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How to Extend Step and Riser Housings

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to extend the step and/or the riser recesses in a boxed string beyond the limits of the string. This tutorials shows you how. Extending the housings can be done in two ways: Either using the Steps Parameters that define how the steps and risers are assembled, or by changing…

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Using the Rising Angle to Calculate a Stair

How to use StairDesigner to calculate a stair for a given angle rather than a given flight length. 1. Calculating the approximate stair length Open a new stair and in the Stairwell Parameters box and type in the total height and an approximate number of risers. To get the approximate length of the stair use…

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3D kitchen design made easy with Polyboard

Screenshot of kitchen from Polyboard software

When you’re in the process of designing a beautiful kitchen, the time spent calculating lengths of pieces of wood, or individual costs can cause your project to take far longer than it should to be completed. That’s why we designed our Polyboard software program to save you time and money through automation. Polyboard’s parametric functions…

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