When it comes to furniture design, a focus on bathrooms can easily be forgotten.

However, these rooms are often where you need intelligent furniture design the most; to de-clutter the space and make it feel bigger, and to fit your cabinetry around existing items like the bath, sink/s, toilet and pipework.

An easy to use bathroom design tool

Our specialised parametric Polyboard furniture design software is designed for professional woodworkers to save them time and money. All you do is enter the exact measurements of a room and start dropping in your cabinetry.

With Polyboard you can either design the furniture from scratch or use pre-configured elements from our Quick Design Libraries and resize them as needed. You can easily amend the furniture’s materials (carcass, façades, tops etc) so that they are suited to bathroom use. This could be something choosing moisture resistant woods, like teak or oak, or treating the wood with varnish to prevent damp.

The Quick Design libraries also feature some of the most popular hardware brands, like Blum, Hettich, and Hafele, so you can easily find a trusted brand of drawer runners or door hinges to match your client’s theme.

bathroom software hardware

Polyboard automatically inserts the machining for your hardware

If you’re having trouble with any aspect of the software, we offer a range of support options from a technical forum to 1-2-1 TeamViewer sessions to hundreds of videos, models, and guides available on our website.

Models and Measurements

When you’re ready to show your client the designs, Polyboard has both 2D and 3D models so that they can really envisage the space-saving ability of your furniture designs.

The best part is that Polyboard keeps an automatically updated list of measurements, materials, and costs so if you extend a cabinet or add in shelves, you won’t have to get out the calculator and do the maths yourself.

bathroom software

Plans, cut lists and costs are all updated with every change you make

Money, money, money

Now you might be thinking, how much will specialised bathroom design tool cost me? Well the answer is less than you might think and cheaper than similar pro software. We also think that it will pay for itself in no time at all.


  • It will save you time on designing and editing, which means that you can move onto the next project faster
  • All cut lists and plans are automatically output from your design, 100% accurately, so you massively reduce on workshop and assembly errors
  • It will automatically calculate materials needed and costs, so that you aren’t wasting pricey oak or forgetting to charge your clients for a change in material
  • The 3D presentations will improve your quote to order conversion rates; you can even edit the design with your client if you like

There are no hidden costs for Polyboard. The prices are all available on our website; you’ll never have to speak to any pushy salespeople who encourage you to buy more than you need.

You can even use Polyboard without buying it. We offer a cut list and plan processing service to use with the free version of Polyboard (which has full design functionality).

Or you can design with the free version and send your finished project to one of our Approved Suppliers. They will cut and machine your parts ready for assembly.

Above and Beyond

Our bathroom design software is only one part of the overall service that we can offer.

You can combine Polyboard with OptiCut which optimizes the cutting list in order to minimize material waste (and save you money).

If you’re using a nesting CNC, Polyboard also integrates very well with out OptiNest software for nesting optimisation.

We have heard from a lot of clients who are having trouble getting their current software and CNC machine to talk to each other, or the whole process is just way too slow. Our support teams have a lot of experience of this so let us know if you would like help in this area.

We also offer turn key software and CNC solutions if you don’t yet have a CNC. These configurations are specially designed for the woodworking industry.

You won’t find this type of service anywhere else, so why not try Polyboard today?

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