Happy New Year from all of us at Wood Designer. We hope you’re well rested and have great plans in place for 2019, both for your business and life away from work.

We’ve very excited about how this year will see us offer even better CNC and software configurations and specialist hardware to go with them, more in the next newsletter. First up though…

  1. How to give your stair building (and sales) a boost
  2. New software features to keep your work safe
  3. Specialist Polyboard / Maestro nesting configuration for CNC machines.

Change your stair building for the better

stringer production

It’s hard to beat a x3 increase in sales!

A big thank you to Damien for writing in with details of his stair manufacturing process, plus the help he’s got from StairDesigner.

Learn how Damien puts his stairs together here

StairDesigner & Polyboard Latest News

Both StairDesigner and Polyboard now include a Save & Restore feature so you can easily back up your libraries, manufacturing methods, post processor settings and lots more.

The latest version of StairDesigner also includes:

  • New landing feature so you can add 2 landings one after the other, a very practical design requirement we are happy to announce.
  • The CID/CIX post processor for Biesse CNCs now offers edge drilling to better accommodate 4-axis machines.
  • And if you build your stairs using full size templates, you can now adjust the line thickness for your print outs.

Read more about StairDesigner’s new features here

Maestro Set Up for Nesting CNC Machines by SCM

As long as your CAM software/CNC configuration accepts DXF files, Polyboard will work with it.

We also have post processors that output native file formats for a range of CNCs including those that use Maestro CAM software like many SCM machines, and also Morbidelli, Busellato and Rekord.

However, if you have a nesting machine (a great option for custom as opposed to bulk manufacture), you’ll also require a nesting optimisation solution like our OptiNest software.

In this case, the integration has a particular set of requirements, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read our article to find out how it’s done, and of course contact us if you need a bit of help.

Find out how it’s done

Thanks very much for reading.

All the best,

The Wood Designer team

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