Quarter Turn Stair with Winders, by Dominique

quarter turn stair with winders

Here’s a quarter turn stair with winders project, built by Dominique, an amateur wood worker, using our StairFile Pro service. The Pro version of this service includes a complete revision of the working plans as well as personal coaching all through the building of the stair. It has enabled Dominique to build this complex and…

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Edging on Sandwich Panels

edging on sandwich panels

When you make a composite panel made of several layers using Polyboard’s ‘thickness split’ command, applying an edging on the panel will in fact place a separate edging on each layer. If you need to apply a single wide strip of material onto all the panels, you can either position a ‘double back’ onto the…

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Training Update: 18th March 2015

Training Updates

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new Training Update. We’re creating new videos, templates and other training all the time. To help our members quickly find out what’s new, we use this series of Training Updates on our Blog. If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the Requests Forum…

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Polyboard Libraries Download: Faster Design At Your Fingertips

polyboard libraries

To make Polyboard easier and faster to use for quick designing we have set up some new libraries that will soon be available (EDIT: are now available) for download on Wood Designer. Polyboard is a very powerful professional furniture cabinet design and manufacturing software package. Because it can cope with all the intricate details of…

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Making Stairs, from a Small Masterpiece to Grand and Majestic

making stairs

…and how horizontal laminates can adapt to any project Here are two projects that show very clearly why making stairs with this versatile technique is a great solution, especially for building complex shaped stairs. Both these projects were built by Gino Alary using our horizontal laminate technique. Gino is a Canadian master stair builder, and…

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