We really like Blum’s AVENTOS lift system range.

It accommodates heavy doors, handle-less doors, it will stay open at any point and includes Blum’s BLUEMOTION system for easy opening and closing.

Blum Aventos calculator

PolyBoard, our pro kitchen design software, now includes this AVENTOS system, allowing easy application to your design, and output of the manufacturing details with 100% accurate placement of the machining for the hardware.

Blum Aventos in Polyboard
PolyBoard model showing the Blum AVENTOS HF lift system

However, deciding exactly which hardware to use, and the correct drilling positions, depends on the door weight and cabinet dimensions.

We decided to create a simple AVENTOS calculator to assist you with this.

It is available in the Quick Design libraries folder Models/tech models/aventos hf.

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We have also added a technical sheet on the hardware.

AVENTOS HF tab (only for type HF!)

The first page in the calculator defines the position of the fixing holes for the AVENTOS HF unit and the door connection points.

Two formulas are applied automatically depending on the height of the cabinet:

  1. For cabinet heights between 480mm and 549mm
  2. For cabinet heights between 550mm and 1040mm
aventos hf calculator

Green fields are values to be set (see the User’s guide on the tab). Enter the cabinet height, width and the thickness of your material.

In PolyBoard’s Fittings library, the values shown in red in the calculator have to be set for the hardware Blum/AVENTOS HF/cab.H1000.

Change the H value corresponding to the height of the cabinet.

blum fittings in polyboard
PolyBoard’s Fittings library showing Blum lift systems (click to enlarge)

Door weight FP tab

This page identifies the correct hardware to order according to the material you are using.

blum aventos door weight calculator

Enter the details on the left side. Again, green fields are values to be set.

The lower left side gives you an indicative material density table for your use.

On the right side the appropriate type of hardware to order (with corresponding Blum code) is indicated automatically with a green background colour.

As well as the AVENTOS HF, the AVENTOS HK top and HK-XS are included.

Hardware options



Small hinged doors

  • Ideal for small high cabinets and wall units
  • Also for carcasses with a shallow inside depth e.g. above the cooker hood
  • Small hardware: can be fitted on one or both sides



Hinged doors

  • Ideal for heavy fronts in wall units
  • Limited space requirement above the cabinet
  • Full hardware



Folding door

  • Ideal for high bi-fold fronts in wall units
  • Limited space requirement above the cabinet
  • Different front heights also possible

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