Carpenters and wood woodworkers will typically spend a lot of time cutting parts from boards, either bought as narrow strip material that has to be cut to length, or wider material that has to be cut both in length and in width.

Using professional board cutting software like OptiCut will enable you to optimize cutting both in length and width, and in so doing save both materials and time…or in short, save money.

What Makes a Good Board Cutting Software Feature Set?

Some of the features a solid optimization solution should have are:

  • Optimization of length cutting and sheets materials
  • Ability to draws a sequenced cutting map that shows exactly how to cut your boards
  • Integrated stock management and tracking
  • Integrated off cut management and tracking
  • Automatic costing and reports
  • Fine control over analysis data that enables optimization according to different priorities, for example wastage vs cut time vs processing time and even more variables

All these features give board cutting software like OptiCut an extremely favourable return on investment. What’s more, it is very easy to integrate into your current workflow, and there is very little in the way of a learning curve to get up and running.

How OptiCut can help you…

So if you are cutting parts from boards whether they be narrow boards you have to cut to length, or wider boards in the form of sheet material, we please consider investing in a good professional board optimizer software package like OptiCut.

It’s flexibility and power of OptiCut’s optimization algorithm has been proven in industrial settings worldwide, and is complemented by an easy to use stock and off cut control system to make even greater savings.

Please click here for more details, and to download your free demo of the software. Thanks for reading.

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