StairDesigner is very useful for building wood and metal stairs.

It can also be very handy for setting out the form work when building a cement stair.

As an example here’s an email and some photos sent to me by Pierre :

Hello Mr Tillson,

I have talked with you last January  and dowloaded the free StairDesigner demo version.

I have just built this cement stair using a full scale drawing on 5mm ply and your StairDesigner software for setting out the steps and forms.

For a first stair everything went very well. I going to try and add some metal rails.

Your software has enabled me to set out the walking line and winders and show my friends a 3D view so that we all knew what we were doing.

I hope that the photos building the form  are of interest to you.

Thanks for your web site and the orginal and professional way you present stair building.



Big thanks to Pierre for this article!

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