Polyboard’s Project Mode is a fantastic tool for setting up fitted furniture.

Here’s a short video that shows how to set up a cabinet and shelf unit for fitting in alcoves.

Polyboard can not only design your cabinet but using the Project Mode you can also draw the rooms adding simply textures and lighting to give a life like presentation  of your project.

When you get the hang of using these simple tools you’ll be able to design these projects really fast with Polyboard.

With the new rendering tools in Polyboard 5.10b this software becomes a fantastic tool for project presentations.

And remember the prices and all the manufacturing files are updated as you design.

This project shows how to quickly set up a cabinet and shelves in a couple of chimney alcoves.

building alcove shelves

Here’s the video that shows how to do this.

Hope that this has been useful.

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We’ve got more information here on our Polyboard software.

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