Tired of spending hours making adjustments to your cabinet designs for your clients with a CAD programme (or even worse, drawing it by hand)? That’s where Polyboard comes in. With our specialised parametric design software, all you do is install and start designing.

It’s specially built for professionals to save time, money, and effort.

Simple to use

Polyboard allows you to enter the exact measurements of the room, and then with the click of a mouse drop in your cabinets and resize as necessary.

Each cabinet can in turn be designed with complete flexibility. Because the software is parametric, all you need to do is adjust the overall dimensions and all components – shelves, drawers, doors and more – are updated automatically.

cabinet making software
Flexible design with Polyboard

Our Quick Design Libraries stock some of the most popular brands in hardware and assembly details, like Blum, Hettich, and Hafele, so if you have a brand you prefer to use, we have you covered.

cabinet making software hardware
Full hardware machining details included

Great for personalisation

Just because Polyboard has those libraries, that doesn’t mean you have to use them. If you need to customise an item to suit your client’s needs or even design everything from scratch, you have complete creative control.

Editing made easy

Editing is simple with our specialised cabinet making software; with every design change Polyboard auto-updates the measurements, material list and overall cost, allowing you to provide an updated estimate that you know is accurately costed.

polyboard pricing report for quotes
Project costs automatically updated with every change you make

It also allows you to provide both 2D and 3D designs for your clients, which will help them see exactly how the cabinets will look in the room.

Flexibility over material choice

With cabinet design, it’s vital that you can easily edit material to fit the project specifications, from panel, profile and edging materials to the right finish to fit in with room décor, wipe clean in the kitchen or be moisture resistant in the bathroom.

Polyboard textures library
Extensive textures library

We have a texture library of materials available for use with our cabinet design software, ranging from solid woods, veneers, Formica and product ranges from other leading manufacturers. If you want to use your own materials or a new manufacturer’s, it’s very quick to add them to our library.

Saving you money

Our cabinet making software will save your business money over time, because it will save you time on designing and editing, automatically calculating all materials required (great for stock management), and has no hidden costs for ongoing support or upgrades.

Polyboard is also cheaper than other similar professional woodworking software, and you can even try the free version to see if it’s right for you.

Expert support options

We understand that everyone needs a little bit of help (especially early on) which is why we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of great support options from the hundreds of videos, models, and guides available on our website to 1-2-1 TeamViewer sessions to a technical support forum.

Want to get started?

Polyboard is unique among pro cabinet making software, coming in at an affordable price point with fast and accurate design and all details exported for production. This includes the cut list, plans and costs and the files to run your CNC machine.

We’ve also created software to optimize your cutting list (OptiCut) or nest your parts (OptiNest) to minimize material waste (which saves you money immediately). Both integrate seamlessly with Polyboard.

Project designed in Polyboard, cut list optimised in OptiCut

If you’re concerned about compatibility between our woodworking software and your CNC machine, we have a large range of post processor options for virtually any router configuration. Our support staff can answer all your queries in this regard and we can arrange a compatibility test free of charge if you wish.

As part of our effort to make your life easier, we also offer turn key software and CNC machine configurations that are specially designed for the woodworking industry. This means that the software and router will work together right out of the box. We are unique in the market in providing this.

So, why not let Polyboard make your business a whole lot easier by trying the software today?

Register for free here to download Polyboard

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