Woodwork software, nesting and CNC integration done right

polyboard woodwork software project office fit out

We would like to introduce Dean Price from Tees Tech Joinery in the UK who earlier this year set up Polyboard and OptiNest with his company’s SCM CNC machines. Dean has outlined how his company processes the work they receive, and was also kind enough to talk about the Polyboard library set up service he…

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Woodworking design software in action

jarrah sideboard designed with Polyboard

We’d like to introduce Peter Brown, a furniture builder from Australia. He has very kindly explained how he works with our woodworking design software Polyboard and OptiCut, for cutting optimisation. In particular he discusses how he recently put together a beautiful side board piece in Jarrah, a timber only found in the area where he…

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Furniture design software enables the move from traditional to high tech production


We would like to introduce Sylvain who has kindly written the following article about his business and how it has developed from traditional woodwork to embrace furniture design software and high tech manufacturing. Just take a look at some of the their projects below… *** Hello everyone, my name is Sylvain Roucher. I’m the owner…

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Woodworking Software for your Business: How One Carpenter Transformed His Workflow


Here is a message from Michal Lacko in which he explains his new method of working…with the free version of the woodworking software Polyboard and in partnership with a CNC service to cut, machine and edge the parts. He saved a lot of time with this new workflow, and didn’t need to invest in software…

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Edging on Sandwich Panels

edging on sandwich panels

When you make a composite panel made of several layers using Polyboard’s ‘thickness split’ command, applying an edging on the panel will in fact place a separate edging on each layer. If you need to apply a single wide strip of material onto all the panels, you can either position a ‘double back’ onto the…

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