Furniture Design

how to design a kitchen

Design a kitchen with PolyBoard

In this video we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to design a kitchen in PolyBoard. PolyBoard is a powerful kitchen design software for building cabinets of any shape and…

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woodworking design software review

Woodworking design software comparison: what the pros use

If you run a professional workshop, the right woodwork design software has the power to transform your business. We review the best options to take you from design to build. After all,…

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modern kitchen design ideas

Modern kitchen design for contemporary and convenient living

The kitchen has undergone a profound metamorphosis over recent decades; from a purely practical area for cooking and preparing food, it now serves as the nucleus of a contemporary household. It acts…

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bed designer

Bed design software with cabinet functionality

We’ve created this video to highlight how you can use PolyBoard as a great bed design software for professional workshops. The video is under 5 mins long, that’s all you need to…

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tv cabinet design inspiration

TV cabinet design for home entertainment systems

The once humble TV cabinet, which was just a dust-filled container for electronics, has gone through an amazing transformation in contemporary times. It is now not hidden anymore but takes center stage…

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lockdowel kitchen project

No glue, no screw cabinet assembly by Lockdowel

The last update of PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries included a range of innovative fastener and drawer slider systems from Lockdowel. Let’s take a closer look here at the set up, designed for…

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galley kitchen design ideas

Master the long and lean: a manual on galley kitchen design

Galley kitchens, which are so called in recognition of the narrow cooking quarters found on ships, tend to be commonly found in apartments, studios or smaller homes. Though it may seem like…

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Hettich AvanTech YOU in PolyBoard

Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer integration with PolyBoard cabinet software

We have partnered with Hettich to incorporate the AvanTech YOU drawer system into PolyBoard’s hardware library. The AvanTech YOU was included in our recent Quick Design libraries update, but we wanted to…

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