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polyboard manual download

PolyBoard manual

The PolyBoard manual is available from our website as a series of written and video tutorials, plus a downloadable guide covering PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries. Here is a quick overview of the…

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blum aventos

Blum AVENTOS calculator

We really like Blum’s AVENTOS lift system range. It accommodates heavy doors, handle-less doors, it will stay open at any point and includes Blum’s BLUEMOTION system for easy opening and closing. PolyBoard,…

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polyboard libraries update

Polyboard Quick Design libraries update: what’s new?

To get the most out of Polyboard, it must be used together with the Quick Design libraries. These libraries contain a huge range of popular hardware, materials, pre configured drawers, and many…

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latest polyboard design videos

Latest Polyboard videos to design faster and better

We’ve created a range of new Polyboard video tutorials for you this month. A bit of a mix of features, tips to design faster, and also one to help you manage your…

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how to build better cabinets

4 Ways to Build Better Cabinet Projects

Whether you’re building a kitchen, fitted shelving, wardrobes or another custom cabinet project, your individual units are only a part of the design process. To accommodate typical build and assembly issues and…

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kitchen project designed in Polyboard

Kitchen and bathroom cabinet projects designed with Polyboard

We are delighted to have many amateur woodworkers using Polyboard, our pro cabinet design software, as well as workshops. Here’s a short article based on the experiences of Bernard Amiguet who started…

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face frames in Polyboard

The new way to add face frames, fillers, plinths and more using Polyboard

The latest version of Polyboard includes a new design element called External Zones which brings even more design flexibility to your projects. They allow you to add spaces (or volumes) outside your…

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cnc kitchen design with polyboard

Kitchen manufacture 4 times faster with a CNC

Let’s start with the title of this article then. The kitchen project we’re highlighting here took 2 days instead of the normal 8. That’s 4 times faster than previously. From design to…

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