Metal Stair Design using StairDesigner and our StairFile Service

metal stair

A big thank you to Thierry for this article explaining how he redesigned and rebuilt a staircase with metal strings around the original wooden steps. Thierry worked up this metal stair project on the Wood Designer forum using StairDesigner and our StairFile service. — Hello everyone, I’m a craftsman specialising in custom made wrought iron…

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Stair Construction using the Horizontal Laminates Technique

stair construction using horizontal laminates

Stair construction is always a complicated business, but when it comes to building curved stairs and building beautiful curved stairs we reach the summits of art and technique. It’s not by chance that the curved stair is considered one of the summits of the art of wood. This particular craft has always been considered the pinnacle…

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Quarter Turn Staircase Design Plans using Free Software

quarter turn stair header

Luc is a cabinet maker specialised in antique furniture restoration. Luc didn’t have any experience in stair building so when one of his customers asked him to build a central cut string stair to access his mezzanine he wasn’t very sure how he should go about it. Searching the internet for information he fell on…

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Stair Designs by an Exceptional Craftsman

stair designs

A while ago we heard from Tasos Vardopoulos in Athens, who told us about his wooden stair designs and construction process. We were incredibly impresses by the quality of his work and wanted to share it with everyone in the Wood Designer Community. Here are Tasos’s remarks: Dear Ness, My family has been making wooden stairs…

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Quarter Turn Stair with Winders, by Dominique

quarter turn stair with winders

Here’s a quarter turn stair with winders project, built by Dominique, an amateur wood worker, using our StairFile Pro service. The Pro version of this service includes a complete revision of the working plans as well as personal coaching all through the building of the stair. It has enabled Dominique to build this complex and…

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