Stair Calculator Project Walk Through

stair calculator software

Designing and manufacturing a staircase can be one of the trickiest tasks in woodwork. However, if you use a stair calculator you can speed up the process massively and at the same time eliminate errors. It’s much easier to use a stair calculator than drawing by hand, or indeed drawing using a CAD package. With…

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Stair Design in 7 Easy Steps

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Let’s assume now you’ve had time to download StairDesigner, watch our starter series of videos and test it out. I hope you found them interesting and helpful. Stair templates are great for setting up stairs fast and easy, and…

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How to Extend Step and Riser Housings

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to extend the step and/or the riser recesses in a boxed string beyond the limits of the string. This tutorials shows you how. Extending the housings can be done in two ways: Either using the Steps Parameters that define how the steps and risers are assembled, or by changing…

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Using the Rising Angle to Calculate a Stair

How to use StairDesigner to calculate a stair for a given angle rather than a given flight length. 1. Calculating the approximate stair length Open a new stair and in the Stairwell Parameters box and type in the total height and an approximate number of risers. To get the approximate length of the stair use…

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How to design a staircase for an awkward space

Combined image of a blue print and a staircase

A staircase can be an important, if not the most important, architectural feature of a building. The stair will need to be designed to optimise the available space within a building and should of course comply with local building regulations and standards. But the issue is: This always makes staircase design one of the most…

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