Christmas woodwork videos, and a great marketing idea for 2019

A very Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate the festivities. If you don’t, we hope you’ve got some time off and wish you a peaceful and happy time with friends and family. For our last newsletter of 2018, we’ve got for you… How to expand your business with online sales New stair videos…

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Stair Calculator Project Walk Through

stair calculator software

Designing and manufacturing a staircase can be one of the trickiest tasks in woodwork. However, if you use a stair calculator you can speed up the process massively and at the same time eliminate errors. It’s much easier to use a stair calculator than drawing by hand, or indeed drawing using a CAD package. With…

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Stair Design in 7 Easy Steps

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Let’s assume now you’ve had time to download StairDesigner, watch our starter series of videos and test it out. I hope you found them interesting and helpful. Stair templates are great for setting up stairs fast and easy, and…

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How to Extend Step and Riser Housings

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to extend the step and/or the riser recesses in a boxed string beyond the limits of the string. This tutorials shows you how. Extending the housings can be done in two ways: Either using the Steps Parameters that define how the steps and risers are assembled, or by changing…

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Using the Rising Angle to Calculate a Stair

How to use StairDesigner to calculate a stair for a given angle rather than a given flight length. 1. Calculating the approximate stair length Open a new stair and in the Stairwell Parameters box and type in the total height and an approximate number of risers. To get the approximate length of the stair use…

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How to design a staircase for an awkward space

Combined image of a blue print and a staircase

A staircase can be an important, if not the most important, architectural feature of a building. The stair will need to be designed to optimise the available space within a building and should of course comply with local building regulations and standards. But the issue is: This always makes staircase design one of the most…

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Free Stair Design Software – StairDesigner And More

Free Software Get everything you need to build your own stair projects… All our software is now available to download from our website. We’ve also linked to other free software at Spiral Graphics. That’s not all…sign up for FREE at Wood Designer to access a huge range of video tutorials, stair templates, eBooks and lots more.…

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How many stairs in a flight?

At first it might seem like a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question, however there are specific rules that govern the number of stairs in a flight. A flight is a continuous series of stairs between landings. If there are too many stairs (or steps) in a single flight (without being broken up…

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Metal Stair Design using StairDesigner and our StairFile Service

metal stair

A big thank you to Thierry for this article explaining how he redesigned and rebuilt a staircase with metal strings around the original wooden steps. Thierry worked up this metal stair project on the Wood Designer forum using StairDesigner and our StairFile service. — Hello everyone, I’m a craftsman specialising in custom made wrought iron…

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Stair Designs by an Exceptional Craftsman

stair designs

A while ago we heard from Tasos Vardopoulos in Athens, who told us about his wooden stair designs and construction process. We were incredibly impresses by the quality of his work and wanted to share it with everyone in the Wood Designer Community. Here are Tasos’s remarks: Dear Ness, My family has been making wooden stairs…

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