Stair Manufacture

basement stair design

Basement stairs with no square angles

We are very happy to share this challenging basement stair project, completed by Scott Saxon in the USA. Scott used our StairFile service, along with the free version of StairDesigner, to complete…

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half turn stair case study

Half turn stair design for irregular stairwell

We are extremely grateful to Hervé Martin for sending in this wonderful story of his stair design journey, finishing with a beautiful ash and cherry half turn stair, made to fit a…

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how to build stairs

Making stairs: key design considerations

Preparing your project Whilst incredibly rewarding, making stairs is challenging and mistakes invariably costly. Before throwing yourself into StairDesigner to input your stair parameters and design preferences, and then output your manufacturing…

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how to make a curved wooden handrail

How to make a curved wooden handrail

We’d like to show you a fast and accurate method to make a curved wooden handrail, illustrated in this particular project: a moulded wreathed handrail in laminated walnut, which includes: This timber…

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stair design art

The art of stair design

we’d like to introduce you to one of our StairDesigner customers, Konrad from CAMFORM in Poland, who has been using our software since October 2020.

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Helicoidal stair design

Helicoidal stair design using horizontal laminates for the stringboards

It’s great to hear about the projects our customers are working on. In this case, Wood Designer was happy to assist Philippe Bonneau with his stair project that included horizontal laminates for…

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stairdesigner libraries update

StairDesigner Quick Design libraries update: what’s new?

If you want to get the very best out of StairDesigner, it must be used in conjunction with the Quick Design libraries. These libraries include a large range of configurable design and…

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Wood and materials: design and construction considerations

What materials are best for your project? Whatever your wood working project you have the choice to start with raw materials that are either solid wooden boards or a composite material manufactured…

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