CNC stair production for small to medium workshops

cnc stair production

In this case study we’re using a 3-axis CNC machine to manufacture a stair that consists of solid wood parts prepared from raw timber. This is one of the CNCs we offer and is typically used for nested manufacture of cabinetry and other furniture using sheet materials. CNC stair production can be done on a…

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Using Wedges in Stair Building

wedges for stair building

The use of wedges in stair construction is commonplace in many countries but mainly those with an Anglo-Saxon heritage like the UK, US and Canada. A key goal in stair building is to create a staircase that fits together firmly, and that is resistant to the effects of wood contraction over time. In particular, it’s…

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Stair Building made easy with a 3 Axis CNC Machine

Puzzle joint to combine 2 parts of stair stringboard

In partnership with Maxicam we offer a complete software to CNC solution that includes our cabinet software Polyboard, nesting optimisation software OptiNest, VCarve and of course a 3 axis CNC. This configuration is optimised for nested based furniture manufacturing but if we add our stair software StairDesigner it can also be a great solution for…

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A better way to build stairs + latest software features

wooden staircase design

Happy New Year from all of us at Wood Designer. We hope you’re well rested and have great plans in place for 2019, both for your business and life away from work. We’ve very excited about how this year will see us offer even better CNC and software configurations and specialist hardware to go with…

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Triple your orders with StairDesigner!

Damien Juillat is a professional woodworker with huge resources of creativity. He’s also an enthusiastic user of our stair design software solution and regularly sends us videos presenting his various stair projects. He has kindly agreed that we can share this one with everyone at Wood Designer. (There’s a little bit of French text explanation,…

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Stair Calculator Project Walk Through

stair calculator software

Designing and manufacturing a staircase can be one of the trickiest tasks in woodwork. However, if you use a stair calculator you can speed up the process massively and at the same time eliminate errors. It’s much easier to use a stair calculator than drawing by hand, or indeed drawing using a CAD package. With…

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Best Joints for Stairs

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Stair parts can be assembled with many different type of joints. The type of joint you choose will depend on several different things. Of key importance is where the stairs will be assembled. Assembling a stair in a workshop is usually very easy…

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Assembly Details for Stairs

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides Here are some thoughts on how to choose the joints for assembling stair parts. As usual, any suggestions or comments are very welcome. Please post a new thread in the forum with your ideas. Before you design your stairs…

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Basic Tools for Stair Builders

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides If you haven’t built stairs before and you are not a professional carpenter, then it’s a good idea to go through your tool box and see if you have everything you need to complete the job. Now in general…

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Stair Design Based on Experience

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Next Page | Contents | All Woodwork Guides I’ve talked about the minimum experience that you should have to start a stair building project. Using good stair software with a meticulous and methodical mindset should allow you to tackle even quite complex stair building. The important thing…

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