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media cabinet

Woodwork resources management, project success vs failure

The art of resource management Whether you are an amateur or a professional woodworker, if you are going to build a project of any importance, you will be juggling your resources. Good…

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how to build stairs

Making stairs: key design considerations

Preparing your project Whilst incredibly rewarding, making stairs is challenging and mistakes invariably costly. Before throwing yourself into StairDesigner to input your stair parameters and design preferences, and then output your manufacturing…

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technological developments in the woodwork trades

Technological developments in the woodwork trades

From wooden axes to CNC machining in over 4000 years of history Analysis of the history and evolution of information technology in the woodworking trades The definition of a trade In this…

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Wood and materials: design and construction considerations

What materials are best for your project? Whatever your wood working project you have the choice to start with raw materials that are either solid wooden boards or a composite material manufactured…

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cabinet design preliminaries

Cabinet design preliminaries

A guide to choosing the best way to design and build your cabinets. From a rich history to the brink of an exciting future Whether you are an amateur or a professional,…

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basic stair measurements

Stairwell Measurements

This article is Part 2 of our guide Stairs: Taking Sizes. It focuses on the importance of the on site measurements, and how to do that accurately and easily. Here’s a link…

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How to Measure Stairs

This article focuses on how to measure stairs, and forms Part 1 of our guide Stairs: Taking Sizes. There’s a link to Part 2 at the bottom of the page. Introduction One…

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staircase basics

Best Joints for Stairs

Part of our ‘Staircase Basics’ Guide Previous Page | Contents Stair parts can be assembled with many different type of joints. The type of joint you choose will depend on several different things….

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