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Although Polyboard has been designed to build furniture and cabinets from sheet material, it’s powerful modelling functions makes it very useful for a whole range of design and manufacturing projects.

In this example I use Polyboard to build a coffee table with a wooden top but with a structure made from metallic tubing. Specifically, we’ve got metallic feet, legs and framework of 20x20mm tubing and we’ve put on a top made of strips of mahogany.

Polyboard will produce, as usual, all the cutting lists and production drawings, that can be automatically optimised in our Opticut cutting software.

We have a download of this coffee table plan available in the Wood Designer Template Library, available to Free and Full members. Click here to sign up for free if you’d like it. Once you are logged in, click here to go straight to the page with the coffee table.

We’ve also got 4 other similar plans available for free download. First we have a full dining room project plan that includes both tables, chairs and dessert stands or sideboards. We created individual templates for each of these as well as the main project template. Once you’re logged in, click here to find these downloads in the Template Library.

This image shows the full project:

table plans

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