Custom Stair Parts Service:


We process your design, cut your custom stair parts and deliver across Europe.

We can manufacture the whole stair or just selected components e.g. stringboards and handrails, curved or straight.

We can use your design, our free StairDesigner software is perfect for this.

Or we design for you based on your project specifications.

Please note, this service is for wooden stair parts only.

Some stairs and individual components, especially curved parts, are extremely difficult to cut without a huge time input and specialist tools or CNC machinery.

Let us do that for you!

How our design and manufacturing process works...

  • A hassle free way to get from custom design to manufacture of the parts

  • Flat pack delivery service across Europe

  • Fast, affordable and reliable production of even complex and curved stair parts

Our StairPack service is ideal for

  • Stair businesses who want to outsource the manufacture of selected complex parts like curved stringers or handrails

  • Woodwork businesses who make stairs only occasionally, outsource as much of the design and manufacture process to us as you want

  • One off projects where we can help with any aspect from design to supply of your parts

  • Designers and architects who are working with an assembly team, we can do everything in between

Full length or split string boards

We can cut and deliver stringers of any length. Alternatively, for easy on site assembly we can split the stringers using a puzzle joint.

What wooden stair parts are included in this service?

  • Straight and curved stringboards
  • Straight and curved handrails
  • Steps and risers, winders, rounded or square nosings
  • Newel posts

This is not an off the shelf stair parts service, we focus on custom projects using the flexibility of our professional design software and CNC production facilities.

We offer long term outsourcing services to the woodwork industry, particularly for curved stringboards and handrails. We also work on one-off projects for non commercial clients.

Stairs building requires a specialist skill set and manufacturing configuration that might not be the focus of your business.

Outsource those elements so you can still offer a stair service to your customers without the major investment required to do it in house.

How to order your StairPack

Contact us to discuss the scope of your project and what elements you would like us to manage for you. As part of this process we will send you a simple project specification sheet for your completion.

We’ll provide a quote very quickly once we've received that information.

As soon as you’ve agreed the quote, we can get to work.

We request an initial payment of 50% of the total, the balance is due prior to shipment.

By using this service, you agree to our terms and conditions detailed here.

How it works

1. Design options

  • Send us your StairDesigner project file for processing or,
  • Send us your project specifications and we’ll create the design for you

2. Material options

  • Choose from our range of materials including beach, oak and ash,
  • Or send us the material you want to use

3. Processing and manufacture of your parts

  • Tell us which parts you need from us
  • We’ll process your design using our stair and CAM software
  • We’ll cut all requested parts using our specialist CNC machines

4. Delivery

  • We securely package your parts sanded down and assembly ready
  • Delivery available across Europe