If you’re in the manufacturing business and producing a product made from raw materials that you buy in either as sheet material, or as bars, you’ll know that the most important thing for your bottom-line profits is to optimize the manufacturing process and minimise your material costs.

One of the most tedious parts of the manufacturing process, which often gets neglected, is cutting the raw materials. This is where a cut optimizer can have an enormous impact both on the cost of raw materials and the time spent cutting them to the exact sizes required for your manufacturing process.

Integration Options

Cutting optimizer software will not only save you an enormous amount of raw material but also takes all the guessing out of the best way to cut your sheets and bars. It needn’t take long to integrate the software into your processes…a professional solution typically should allow you to import cutting lists manually, from spreadsheets, text files or directly from your design software.

Then export printed cutting maps, or directly to your CNC facilities.

A good optimizer can save you up to 20% in raw materials you need for a project, not only by organising and placing the different parts, but also by integrating and managing reusable off cuts. The more expensive your materials, the more worthwhile the optimization.

Fine Tuning your Optimization

Professional cutting software should also allow you to fine tune your optimizations to mirror your business’s needs, whether that be quick processing of each optimization, minimizing waste, reducing cutting time, or a combination of all three.

cut optimizer

Basic Optimization Modes available in OptiCut

By mapping out a precise plan or procedure to cut each sheet or bar, software of this kind will also save an enormous amount of time and effort by eliminating all trial and error in your workflow.

So whatever your business, if you’re manufacturing a product from sheet or bar material, we would strongly recommend that you look into investing in an optimization solution for your business.

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