CutList Plus is a cutting optimisation solution that will take a cutting list and from it generate a cutting diagram or map optimised to minimise material waste.

Polyboard is our furniture design and manufacturing software. As soon as you have your design ready it outputs the cut list, plans and CNC files for your project.

We receive enquiries from both Polyboard and CutList Plus customers seeking confirmation that the two pieces of software work together.

We are happy to confirm they do.

We have a number of customers who work very successfully using Polyboard and CutList Plus together.

Polyboard can output the cut list in a variety of ways, including as a CSV file using its ASCII export feature. This file can be imported to CutList Plus. All you need to do is map Polyboard’s output fields to those CutList accepts. Do it once, save the set up and you’re all done.

Please watch this short video tutorial for details.

The field mapping is done in Polyboard within it’s Cutting Lists Options.

Inside CutList Plus, Polyboard’s file format is mapped correctly using the Parts Import Wizard.

Just to confirm one point here, CutList always requires an imported cut list to have at least 3 fields for each milled part. These are:

  • Thickness
  • Width
  • Length

Polyboard has a different name for Length, it’s called Height.

So when you set up the mapping, make sure:

  • Height in Polyboard = Length in CutList Plus

Overall it’s a simple process you only have to set up once, but please do contact us if you need any clarification or help.

Thanks for reading.


  1. paul labuschagne on September 25, 2020 at 4:22 pm

    Hi can one do the bars materials with normal parts?

    • Stefan on September 28, 2020 at 8:09 am

      Hi Paul, sorry I’m not sure what your query is exactly but you can export bar material details in this way as well. If it’s a specific CutList feature you would like advice on, could you please discuss with their support team. Thanks

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