Polyboard is a very powerful kitchen design software for building cabinets of any shape and size.

Once built, you can use Polyboard to design a kitchen or any other project for that matter.

Polyboard provides some very simple tools to assemble the separate cabinets into complete projects.

These include:

  • Drawing 3D walls and floors
  • Easy and flexible 3D textures
  • Automatic snapping of cabinets

You can build kitchens, bathrooms, office fittings and lots more using just about any combination of basic cabinets.

Once your project is set up Polyboard not only gives you a nice 3D visual but will also generate all the working documents:

Cutting lists, plans and DXF and post processor files, for all the cabinets in the project.

Here’s a video to show how to use Polyboard for kitchen design.

Note that we’re using Polyboard 5 here so the interface looks a bit different from the current version.

(EDIT: we now offer a higher version of Polyboard with lots more powerful features)

This video shows how to put together your cabinets to build a kitchen. There are a few specific functions within Polyboard that can help.

We start with a typical kitchen layout and then start a new project. The project screen allows us to draw floors and walls. We right click to put in a rectangular floor and then set the parameters such as textures like tiles and thickness. The 3D window that lets you have a look at the floor. It’s the same process to add a wall, and you can add positions, colours and thickness. We’ll then put a window in the wall, which we add as a wall and then specify the points, and then specify that the wall is transparent and at a certain height. It’s a transparent wall within the main wall which gives us a window. We will then use this 3D space to install our kitchen cupboards.

We can then add all different types of kitchen cabinets to the project from a library of cabinets that have been made before. Polyboard then imports the cabinets. We add these cabinets by dragging and dropping them from the menu into the space we are designing in and then snapping them into place. To move cabinets according to the design, you drag them across the design and you can remove them, or rotate cabinets to put them in different places. You can switch to 3D mode at any point see how your cabinets look and add cabinets on top of each other. You can also add things like bench tops, and appliances such as cookers. To add bench tops, we can measure dimensions of cupboards using Polyboard’s measuring tools, and then specify the dimensions of the bench tops to ensure they fit the space.

You can add wall cabinets on top of the other cabinets, and clip them next to each other. You can resize the cupboards to ensure they fit within the room, so they line up well with the window for example. Whether a cupboard is standard or custom, the manufacturing is the same, all the manufacturing documents are updated in real time. We can measure distances between the existing furniture and walls using Polyboard’s measuring tool and then resize cabinets according to that space. We can clip stove tops onto furniture.

Different types of cabinets such as window cabinets, wine racks, etc are possible too.

For all the pieces of furniture we’ve put in, we have the cutting lists and for all parts the machine files for export via a range of post processors into a CNC so you can start making it.

If you are using the demo version of Polyboard, the 3D view of the project is limited to a couple of seconds so you’ll have to use a screen capture program like Fastone or Jing to get a good view of the project.

(EDIT: the latest version of Polyboard allows unlimited viewing in 3D in the demo/free version)

You can download Jing here

Or click here to find out more about Polyboard

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      I like it when folks get together and share opinions. Great
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    • James

      We have a kitchen company and came across this article as we enjoy reading up about different material, techniques and programs etc.

      This was a really enjoyable read about Polyboard, you made it interesting and informative.

      The video was a great addition to this piece and we are impressed that the software can measure dimensions of cupboards using Polyboard’s measuring tools, and then specify the dimensions of the bench tops to ensure they fit the space.

      Thanks for sharing.

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