Design Stairs using our StairFile Pro Service: Check out some Amazing Results

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At less than £1000 StairDesigner pro stair software is 5 to 10 times cheaper than many competing stair design programs.

In spite of this, many people, both amateurs and professionals who need to design stairs only now and again, find it hard to justify buying the full package.

Wood Designer membership allows you to use our StairFile Lite service to get all the manufacturing documents and it is included in your £10 membership fees. There is nothing extra to pay.

So you pay £10 to use a £1000 piece of software.

Jérémie is a Canadian cabinet maker who used our StairFile Pro service to build a very classy stair. StairFile Pro offers something extra to the Lite alternative. We don’t just send you the manufacturing documents. We also review your design and revise it if necessary to make sure it is fully workable and easy to build.

This service is also exclusive to our Full members, and costs an additional £95. Designing stairs this way is simple, affordable and cuts the risk of manufacturing errors massively.

Jérémie has sent us a little video of his stair that really shows off his craftsmanship and how with a little help from StairDesigner and Wood Designer it’s possible to make some really slick projects.

Here is his short video:

If you’re in Canada and need a cabinet maker don’t hesitate to contact Jeremy, he’ll make your idea into a piece of fine art.

Just have a look at some of his other work:

Jeremie Lavigne portfolio selection

Here are his contact details too:

Jérémie Lavigne Ébéniste
5770 Rang Jason
Rouyn-Noranda QC
Canada J9Y 0B4
Telephone: 1-819-763-5701

Would you like to try out our StairFile Services?

If you haven’t already, please sign up for Wood Designer Free membership to download StairDesigner, or Full membership to enjoy the full functionality of StairDesigner without having to buy it. You can sign up for either member level on our homepage.

One final note…we’ve also got another service where you can use the free versions of our software to design your projects. Then you can link up with one of our Approved Suppliers to cut and machine your parts, or complete the build for you in its entirety. This service is open to Free members too, so you don’t have to pay anything…other than your supplier of course.

Thanks for reading and watching Jérémie’s video.

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