Polyboard inserts drawers that divide a volume into equal parts. It’s also possible to specify the height of each drawer separately.

Inserting drawers


If we select a 4 drawer on the cabinet , it splits the drawer fronts equally..can we put maybe the top drawer at 120mm high and then the 2nd one down at 140mm then split the other 2 equally??

If so how do we do this?

You may either create individual zones (one zone per drawer) using nil panel shelves,
or create a single block of 4 drawers, then change the propertises of each drawer.

Editing the propertises of a set of drawers


Select the drawers and click the Multiple Drawer Propertises button.
Click Indiviualise Division Parameters.

Modify each drawer division parameter separately


Note that we will be modifying the position of the gap between 2 drawers and not the drawer itself.
Select the gap you need to modify.
Change the “Position” parameter to “Distance”.
Change the Distance value to the required Draw height
The other drawers are adjusted automatically.

The new block of drawers


et voila!

Go to our Polyboard Tutorial page for more videos on drawers and using Manufacturing Methods.

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