From design to build
with ultimate flexibility

Once you've got your design, we'll show you how to complete the build yourself, or you can outsource any element you like.

We'll even do the design for you if you want.

Do It Yourself

Perfect for businesses with CNC facilities and all workshops who manufacture themselves. For those working on a one-off project we've also got support for you throughout the process, from creating the design, to cutting the parts, assembly and final installation.


Ideal for woodwork businesses that want to focus on design, outsource manufacture, then receive the parts for assembly. Also perfect for designers and architects who want to design only and outsource all manufacturing and installation elements.

  • If you decide to buy our software, you've got access to excellent support and training resources
  • If you want to confinue to use the free versions of the software, the CabinetFile and StairFile services are all you need to get your manufacturing documents and expert support on your project
  • We've got a 1-2-1 training service available as well if you need it
approved suppliers
  • Approved suppliers to take on any element of the project you like...just let us know what you need and we'll get you together (available to both Free and Full members)
  • These suppliers use our software so the ordering process is seamless
  • Focus on what you do the best and outsource the rest

Whichever workflow you choose, we'll help you work faster, process more clients and grow as a business

We've got everything you need to support
your way of working