The biggest constraint to setting up a woodwork business is the initial cost of investment.

This is particularly the case with furniture manufacture. Albeit on a smaller scale, it requires an industrial range of machines, tools, transport and facilities. With these kinds of costs, it can feel there is little room for the purchase of software.

However, these days furniture design software and cut list optimisation are indispensable tools to run an efficient business, whatever the size. It is simply impossible to compete on price and reliability without them.

That’s why we were keen to create and offer the Polyboard Pro and OptiCut 50 versions of our popular design and optimisation solutions. This combination now makes it possible to access high performance professional software at an extremely low price. The configuration lets you design and present in 3D, generate detailed costs for quotations and output optimised cutting maps error free, with minimal waste and extremely fast.

Polyboard and OptiCut integrate perfectly, so we are offering a 10% discount on OptiCut when you buy them together to help bring the price down even more and allow you to benefit from the complete package.

Mark has recently started a furniture design and manufacturing business. He bought Polyboard and OptiCut 50 to help him. Here is what he had to say about the experience…

I started my custom furniture business 3 years ago. When I wanted to save time in the design of my projects and avoid errors in the build I began a search of the internet. I found and tried the demo version of Polyboard and was convinced by it.

Using Polyboard with OptiCut allows me to automate the creation of cut lists and cutting maps and also to conceptualise the project in 3D.

I was also very pleased with the training I received from Wood Designer where I really came to understand Polyboard’s very advanced functions to create customised manufacturing methods.

I would recommend the use of this software without hesitation.

Mark Blanco, Professional Woodworker and Business Owner

Here’s a recent project Mark worked on:furniture design software project

If you are making furniture on a limited budget, Polyboard and OptiCut 50 allow you to massively increase the speed with which you can design and manufacture. Designs are quick to produce so it’s easy to get them out to prospective clients fully costed up which really helps close the sale.

With parametric furniture designing software like this, changes to the brief are very quick too, and the costs and cut list and plans are automatically updated for you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or to arrange an online demo.

We also have more details here on Polyboard and OptiCut.


  1. Buddika Ranasinghe on June 28, 2017 at 9:49 am

    I need to buy this software

    • Stefan on June 28, 2017 at 9:59 am

      Hi Buddika, please go to the Polyboard Furniture Design Application page in our store for details including prices and to order. You can also register for free to download the software and test it. This free version has full design capabilities, the only thing it doesn’t do is output your cut list and plans.

      We offer free online demonstrations as well. Please use the contact form and advise us of your availability if you would like to go ahead with a demo.

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