Using Polyboard to design furniture is fast, easy and efficient.

In the short video below, we give an overview of Polyboard and demonstrate how you can build a complex furniture project in under 10 minutes using the software.

The demo shows how you can build a piece of furniture which fits between two walls, where the top is inclined with a sloping roof, and that needs to be built around a column in one corner.

To ensure the cabinet fits, start by using the Polyboard cabinet command to snap a box into place. From there, use Polyboard’s measuring tool to record the correct measurements and resize the box’s height, width and depth accordingly to fit in the space. The box is automatically resized once you have updated the dimensions.

Other Polyboard features include the ability to make a box fit into a sloping roof by measuring the distance between the top and bottom of the roof rafter. You can also use the Unboxing command to make sure that the box fits around the column, as well as add a plinth. Once you’ve done that, you can see the aesthetic details of the cabinet in 3D, as well as use transparent mode to view assembly and hardware details.

If you want to change the material of the cabinet, you can use the Manufacturing Methods feature in the same way as you would a style sheet to apply all the new characteristics of the project in one click.

Polyboard also lets you easily add elements inside the cabinet with one click. This includes horizontal divisions, uprights, doors, shelves and drawers. You can change the aesthetics of each of these parts individually.

As well as enabling you to easily design a complex furniture project in under 10 minutes, Polyboard also provides all the manufacturing documents. In X-ray mode, you can see all the manufacturing, assembly and hardware details: shelves have the machining details drilled out for screws, and all hinges are accounted for. Polyboard also produces and updates the cutting lists, CNC files, and cost calculations as you are designing the project.

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