If you are in the glass cutting industry, you will be well aware that one of your major preoccupations is to minimize your raw materials waste and cutting time, as well as having an efficient management of stock and off cuts.

OptiCut is a great piece of glass cutting software and perfectly meets those needs.

Its glass optimization functionality is based on highly advanced optimization algorithms to give you the best possible cutting plans and maps to minimize waste and cutting time.

Inventory and Off Cut Management

You can add all your sheets of glass as stock to the system, and the software will calculate the best combination within your inventory to use. The real beauty lies in how your stock is dynamically updated. You can set what you consider to be a useful off cut, one that can be used in future projects and form part of your stock.

Then after each and every optimization, you can add those off cuts to your inventory. This is an excellent way, and an incredibly simple one too, to reuse and organise your off cuts.

Flexibility Beyond Glass

OptiCut can be used in any application that requires glass optimization.

Applications include:

  • Flat glass fabricators
  • Insulating glass
  • Window cladding
  • Aluminum curtain walls
  • Glass and granite panels
  • Manual and automatic cutting processes

Once you define your cutting job, OptiCut software determines the ideal cutting pattern for any given cutting list, generating informative layouts, sequenced cutting diagrams, cost summaries and balance / wastage pieces summaries.

However, you’re aren’t confined to glass. If you are manufacturing any product that is a composite of glass and other materials, it’s the perfect piece of cutting software for that work too.

If you’re dealing in products like joinery items, glasshouses, windows, aluminium walls and so on which include glass and profile materials, PVC, aluminium and wood, you will find that OptiCut’s high performance bar optimization will also be very useful to keep your direct costs down.

Would you like to test OptiCut out?

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