When working with hardware in PolyBoard, our cabinet design software, the key thing you need is 100% accurate manufacturing information, whether that’s the machining operation for your CNC, or the exact position of the holes in your workshop plans.

You can create positioning rules and style sheets for your favourite hardware, so application is done with the click of a button.

However you can also include 3D visuals, not so important for hidden drawer runners and hinges, but useful for exposed components like the Häfele coat hooks in this project.

3D hardware set up

We have 3D models already in our Quick Design libraries (a range of handles for example), and can help with the set up of your own models if you request that on the forum or during 1-2-1 training.

But if you want to do it yourself, you’ll find that Häfele and many other manufacturers provide the files we need.

hafele coat hook cad data
Häfele coat hook hardware product page with CAD file output

Here we can download a 3D DXF file in the required Polyface format.

3d dxf polyface hardware settings

The file is then decomposed or split into a series of simpler geometries in a CAD package so it’s ready to import into PolyBoard, more specifically into the 3D Accessories library.

3d accessories and single panel fittings libraries Polyboard

This particular piece of hardware has two 3D visual components, with the hook out and ready to use, and with it folded away, so we created one visual for each.

Finally within PolyBoard’s Single Panel Fittings library we’ve combined the machining operation for the hardware and the 3D visual.

Hafele hardware in Polyboard library
Hardware in Single Panel Fittings library
Close up of hafele coat hook in 3D
Close up of coat hook 3D visual

So both are covered:

  • Whenever you apply one of these coat hooks, you’ll see it in your client presentations.
  • And the required cut out or tooling in your panel material will be included in the manufacturing output.
Coat rack in Cabinet Mode showing toolings for hook hardware
Coat rack in Cabinet Mode showing toolings for hook hardware
polyboard workshop plans showing cut outs for hooks
And the same cut outs in the workshop plans

Download coat rack model and Häfele hardware

This model is in PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries which is available on the PolyBoard download page.

In order to open this model, please make sure you are using the latest version of PolyBoard.

Want to find out more?

PolyBoard’s libraries are well stocked with hardware and manufacturing methods already, but they can be completely customised to your way of working.

You can do that yourself with the help of our PolyBoard hardware video tutorials, advice on the forum and screen sharing sessions, or we can do it all for you with our PolyBoard library set up service.

Register for free here to download PolyBoard and test it out for yourself.

For more information, or to arrange an online demonstration, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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