How to get started fast and efficiently in PolyBoard. Everything from basic set up and cabinet design to multi-cabinet Project Mode. We also introduce PolyBoard's hardware and libraries.

Initial set up and overview

An overview of the basic settings, features and interface within PolyBoard. How to change the language and units, plus a look at the Quick Design toolbars and the common commands they include. We also explain the different modes inside PolyBoard (Cabinet mode, Project mode and Catalogue mode).

Basic design

Step by step PolyBoard advice covering basic design concepts to get you up and running fast with the software.

Basic design continued

More key design features...

Additional design features

So far, we’ve covered a range of typical design features. PolyBoard also offers quick application of complex cabinet designs...

Multi cabinet projects

In Cabinet Mode you design a single piece of furniture. In Project Mode you create the environment (normally the room layout) of your project. You are then able to quickly position, move and modify individual units within it.

Quick Design libraries

So far we’ve seen how you can use PolyBoard’s parametric features to design fast and accurately. But the real power of the software is built into its Quick Design libraries. They stock the materials for the panels you use, your edging and bar materials, all your hardware and lots more.

Manufacturing methods

These methods are a series of style sheets that define your construction preferences.

Manufacturing output

PolyBoard has been created as a design to manufacturing solution. It offers instant access to all manufacturing output which is dynamically updated as you design.

Recommended workflow and next steps

Some reminders on how to get the most out of PolyBoard.