Focusing on the more advanced features and ways of working in PolyBoard. From complex cabinet design to configuring your hardware and manufacturing set ups.

Cabinet mode

A look at PolyBoard's cabinet design power, it's ability to calculate complex geometries and instantly output the manufacturing files.

Project mode

In Cabinet mode you design a single piece of furniture. In Project mode you create the environment (normally the room layout) of your project. You are then able to quickly position, move and modify individuals units within it.

Quick Design libraries

PolyBoard's Quick Design libraries stock the materials for the panels you use, your edging and bar materials, all your hardware and lots more.

Quick Design libraries: add new elements

When installing a new version of the Quick Design libraries, you may only need specific elements and would like to continue working with your current libraries.


PolyBoard allows you to add virtually any hardware or fitting to your projects you want. All the machining for CNC manufacture is included. Use our ready made Quick Design hardware library, or add your own configurations.

Panel design

Within PolyBoard the Structures menu and its commands offer a powerful set of panel design features to add flexibility to your projects. They include a variety of tooling and cut out functions, adding frame and panel assemblies, creating sandwich panels and splitting individual panels into multiple materials.

Panel assembly

Link parameters describe the relationship between adjacent panels, including doors, drawers and the front of the cabinet. You can adjust these parameters to accommodate a huge range of construction methods and joint types.

Handles, specialist fittings and other 3D accessories

How to create and add 3D images of hardware and other accessories to enhance the 3D view of your projects. Also covering how to link the 3D model of your hardware with its machining details.