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The different options for processing the output of your manufacturing files, and how to set them up. Polyboard's workshop document includes the cut list, plans and a cost and material usage report. The software also comes with a label printing feature, and a powerful range of post processors to output the files for your CNC machine. In addition, we cover the integrations with our cutting and nesting optimisation software OptiCut and OptiNest, and integrations with selected CAM software.

Numbered parts

An easy to use but very useful feature. All parts are number referenced, not only whilst editing, but also in...

Polyboard to OptiCut integration

OptiCut works as a stand alone cutting optimisation solution. It also has a very good integration with Polyboard which we’ll...

Polyboard to OptiNest integration

OptiNest is a stand alone nesting optimisation solution. However, it combines very well with Polyboard which we’ll show you in...

Polyboard to CNC solution

Design in Polyboard, output the part by part 2D DXF files to VCarve Pro CAM software, which generates the machine...