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Once you have designed your project with the free version of Polyboard or StairDesigner you have 2 ways to get the cutting lists and plans to build your project.

1. Buy the software

If you make furniture or stairs regularly you can buy a full version of our software. We will send you an activation code for your existing free version that gives you access to all functionality.

Rest assured, you will be able to continue working on your projects without loosing any data.

2. Use our CabinetFile or StairFile services

Just upload your design file from the free version of the software to the forum and we’ll send you back all the documents to manufacture your project. These services are free of charge to Premium Support subscribers, so you’ll also get access to expert advice to help you with the design and build.

These services are are great for the occasional project where it doesn’t really make sense to buy the software.

Click here for more information on our CabinetFile and StairFile services.

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