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What is the cost to upgrade my software?

PolyBoard, StairDesigner, OptiCut and OptiNest

You can upgrade in 2 ways:

1. Feature updates that keep the same version of the software

In this case you retain your version of the software e.g. Pro or Pro PP, but you get updates to it.

Intermediary versions, for example v7.0, v7.01, v7.01a, v7.05, are free. The latest version is available from the download page on our website (please log in with a free or Premium Support subscription first). Simply install the latest version, this will automatically update the older version.

Major updates which occur approximately every 3 to 4 years, for example v5 to v6 to v7, are optional and are heavily discounted compared to the full cost. Typically we also offer a further upgrade discount if you have recently ordered the software. Details of these offers are specific to each software release.

2. Upgrade to a higher version of the software

In this case you are changing for example from PolyBoard Pro to PolyBoard Pro PP, or StairDesigner Pro to Pro PP, to unlock the CNC output.

Or you are upgrading from OptiCut 200 to OptiCut Pro so you can process an unlimited number of parts in a single optimisation routine.

In these cases upgrades are free for 30 days following your purchase, so you just pay the difference between the two versions.

After 30 days you pay the price of the new version with a discount equal to 70% of the price you paid for your current version.

After we receive your payment we’ll send you a new activation code that will upgrade your software and free up the new functionality.

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