Biesse Selco saw integration with OptiCut

OptiCut Pro PP has post processors for most CNC saws, allowing you to automatically run an optimised cutting map through your saw.

biesse selco saw integration with cutting optimisation software opticut

This includes a number of post processor options that work with Biesse Selco saws depending on the interface and file format of the saw’s controller.

biesse selco saw interface

There are a large range of Biesse Selco saw models but the interface they use can be split into 3 generations as follows:

1. XML interface (OSI interface)

All recent Selco saws are supplied with the XML Link interface. If this is the case OptiCut’s XML post processor will output the optimised cutting map files to run the saw.

cutting map sequence
Example of OptiCut’s cutting map

OptiCut in fact has two XML post processors, XML and XML2. XML2 accommodates saws that handle more complex cutting patterns. We can send you sample output files for both for testing if required.

2. CPOUT interface

In this case your saw would be equipped with CP Link software which accepts the CPOUT file format.

OptiCut has a specific CPOUT post processor ready to use in this scenario.

3. NC500 format

The NC500 format is the oldest set up (over 15 years old) that you might have, but it still works well with OptiCut.

There is no specific Link interface or software required, just the NC500 compatibility.

Again, OptiCut has a specific NC500 post processor for this case.

OptiCut’s post processor configurations

This screen shot of OptiCut’s post processor settings shows all of the different options:

opticut biesse selco saw post processors
OptiCut’s Biesse Selco saw post processor options

OptiCut test files

Please contact us to advise what set up you have, we can send you test files in any of these formats to run through your Selco saw for a final confirmation.

Your Biesse support team will be able to confirm your file format and interface details but we’re happy to help with that if required.

You can also access test files from the sample output download we’ve created, available from the OptiCut download page.

Click here for more details on OptiCut, and to download and test.

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