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OptiCut Pro PP comes with a range of post processors that will drive most CNC saws.

Holzma cnc saw integration with OptiCut

All transfers to Holzma saws should go through the PTX file format and OptiCut’s PTX post processor.

Holmza PTX post processors in OptiCut

You can see from the image above that OptiCut in fact has two PTX post processors. PTX 1.08 works with more recent saws, PTX 1.02 works with older models.

Holzma saws normally come with a HolzLink controller interface, this converts external PTX files into SAW files.

The SAW file format is the internal Holzma file format, but for technical reasons it cannot be generated by external software like OptiCut directly.

Please first check if your saw is equipped with the HolzLink controller interface. If so, we’re happy to provide test files before you order. If in doubt, please get in touch so we can help you identify the best option for your saw.

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