3D DXF and 3DS output formats

As well as producing manufacturing output, it’s possible to export 3D designs from PolyBoard to a rendering package or to a CAD software if you need to further manage your models in a complex environment.

3D DXF file from PolyBoard
3D DXF file of a PolyBoard cabinet open in Nanocad

Export options are available from the File menu:

PolyBoard's 3D export options in the File menu

The 3D output options available are:

  • 3D DXF
  • 3DS

The 3D export can be of an individual cabinet or an entire multi cabinet room layout, depending on whether you export from within Cabinet mode or Project mode.

Possible uses

Export a project to a photorealistic rendering package like KeyShot or pCon.planner.

The 3DS file which is widely accepted by these packages includes PolyBoard’s material textures (unlike the 3D DXF output).

Kitchen project in pCon.planner
Kitchen rendered in pCon.planner

You may also wish to integrate PolyBoard models into an existing room layout.

This simple SketchUp example includes two PolyBoard cabinets placed beneath a staircase (which incidentally was designed by our stair software StairDesigner).

StairDesigner and PolyBoard cabinet projects combined in SketchUp
Under stair cabinets manipulated inside SketchUp

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