Libraries overview

Polyboard is very different to a CAD drawing programme. Instead of drawing each part in turn, you assemble elements of a project as you would in real life.

This makes it much faster and more intuitive than CAD. Many of these elements are stocked in libraries, and we pull out the elements we want to use and add them to our projects.

In this video we take a look at Polyboard’s list of libraries including: Panel Materials, Edging, 3D Accessories and Hardware.

We’ve got our material libraries first, both panel and bar materials as Polyboard is able to use both.

In the Panels Materials library all major manufacturers are included in the libraries, for example Egger, Formica and Kronospan.

We’ve also got an Edging library which allows you to stock any edging material you want.

We’ve got some specialist libraries next which include a range of design elements, for example the 3D Accessories library. Here we have a stock of 3D visuals we can apply to our projects.

Finally let’s take a look at the Fittings or hardware library.

There is a huge range of preconfigured library elements ready to use, but everything is completely customisable so you can create exactly what you need, often by simply copying what already exists and editing it to your specifications.

You can add a piece of hardware, a material or other library element to each part of a project in turn, but the real power of Polyboard is when your set up and preferences are built into manufacturing methods and applied across entire projects automatically.

We’ll look at how libraries are incorporated within manufacturing methods in our other videos.

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