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Create and modify the material and cost summary report

In this video we’ll look at PolyBoard’s workshop document which includes a summary report detailing the amount of materials (panel, bar and edging) and hardware used in your project, plus their cost.

Please note: sample output including this report is available on the PolyBoard download page.

Having instant access to this information allows you to put together accurate cost based quotes you can rely on.

To begin, access your workshop document and click through the pages until you find the summary report.

In the report we can see:

  • Our Panel materials
  • How much (in terms of Surface area) has been used
  • The calculated Price for each material for this specific project (based on the prices that have been set for the materials)
  • Information for our Bar materials, which is measured in Length
  • Edge as well, which is measured in Length

Click into Edit Panel Materials to see the panel material library. Here we can see (if we click on a generic material) we’ve got a Price listed that we can set or adjust. It’s the figure that is used when calculating the price for each material in the summary report.

We can do the same in the Bar and Edge Materials settings as well.

With regards to the Fittings, the cost is split into 2, the Supply and the Tooling.

The Supply is the cost of the actual piece of hardware itself. The Tooling refers to the cost to machine the hardware on your CNC machine.

Click into your Fittings library and open up your drawer slider.

Here we can see the Price, which is split into Supply and Tooling, so you can adjust those amounts here.

Close that and return to the summary report. We have a couple of options for configuring the report.

Go to File > Print Setup. Under Options, you can click to add two Additional Lines:

  • If you want to add a delivery charge in the report click New, type in delivery in the Reference box, add an amount, and click OK, we’ll see that in the report now
  • The other option is to Dissociate the Fitting Prices (Supply/Tooling), you can check or uncheck that option, uncheck it for now and click ok, go back into the report to see the changes

You can now see the additional line for the delivery charge. And fittings is now no longer split, those 2 prices have been combined.

Another recommendation we often give is to build the price of the cheap fittings into the price of your panel materials.

But keep something like LEGRABOX drawer sliders separate as they tend to be expensive. So if you are doing a project with a lot of drawers, you want to make sure the cost of those drawers is fully appreciated in the quote.

The summary report fully updates with every change that you make and allows you to quickly and accurately quote for the work that you do.

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