Modify style command

In this video we are going to take a look at the Modify Style command.

This allows you to select and then change any panel, edging and bar material for another, and also your accessories which are typically the hardware 3D visuals.

It offers a quick way to change a range of design elements across your entire cabinet or project.

We can access this command by clicking on magic wand icon in the Quick Design tool bar.

You have 4 design elements you can change:

  • Accessories
  • Panels
  • Edges
  • Bars

For the panels, edging and bar materials, we do recommend using manufacturing methods and sub methods to change these.

However this is another fast way to do it.

Let’s take panels as an example. Our facades in this project are in Formica 19mm.

If we right click on the material name we can access a menu to swap in any of our other materials.

In this case we’ll change to an Egger 19mm and click OK.

All instances of that original material have now been changed.

What the Modify Style command is particularly useful for is to change the 3D accessories.

We’ve got curved handles set up now (3d-handle 030), we can change that to the 020 handle.

Again, all instances of the handle change.

This also works in Project Mode where you might have a large number of identical items that would be time consuming to change one at a time.

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