Numbered parts

PolyBoard includes a simple number reference for all parts which is included in the manufacturing output to make the production and assembly process more efficient.

Cabinet mode editing window

In Cabinet mode, explode your design to view the numbering:

polyboard exploded view icon
polyboard cabinet in exploded view showing part numbers

★ Tip ★

To increase the degree of spread in exploded view, drag the slider in the Properties menu:

polyboard exploded view slider

Cutting list

Cutting list window

The numbers that PolyBoard assigns to the different parts is shown in the cutting list.
Go to Cutting list menu > Cutting list to view:

polyboard cutting list

Cutting list workshop document

The PDF workshop document includes the part numbers in the cutting list as shown below:

polyboard cut list pdf

Cutting list CSV output

The cutting list CSV output can be customised as required. The part number data field is called Cutting list number.

Go to Cutting list menu > Cutting list options to add this field if required.

Select the 3 dot icon > Format to do that.

cutting list options in polyboard
cutting list format options


Labels are also highly customisable. The labels shown below include the part number:

polyboard labels showing part numbers

Again, you need to make sure the the Cabinet list number field is included in the Label printing settings:

label print format options in polyboard

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