Numbered parts

This video will look at part numbering. An easy to use but very useful feature.

All parts are number referenced, not only whilst editing, but also in the cutting lists and other workshop output to make the manufacturing and assembly process more efficient.

To begin, start in Cabinet Edit mode, click on Exploded View, and Polyboard will automatically number all the different parts. We also have a neat feature on the right hand side which also enables us to adjust the distance between the parts in the exploded view. If you click to move the Exploded Coefficient bar towards the right, you’ll see that the exploded view is getting bigger and the parts are getting wider apart.

The numbers that Polyboard assigns to the different parts will now be listed in front of the different parts in the cutting list, and they will also be listed in the workshop documents. You can now see the number, the materials and the part names. This makes it much easier to find a specific part in a particular project.

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