PolyBoard integration with OptiNest

OptiNest is a stand alone nesting optimisation solution. However, it combines very well with PolyBoard which we’ll show you in this video.

Design your furniture in PolyBoard and send the parts to OptiNest to create the optimised nesting maps to run your CNC machine with minimal material waste.

This nesting configuration is very efficient because the CNC cuts the parts and machines them in one operation.

Seamless integration

Detailed parts data in PolyBoard is sent to OptiNest and included in the optimization results (labels, nesting patterns etc) and output, for example:

  • Part dimension and material
  • Cabinet and project names
  • Matching part grain direction with panel grain direction
  • Perfect grain feature: place adjacent parts in your design side by side on the panel to ensure grain flows across them
  • All machining details relating to the hardware used in your project
  • Whether machining is on one or both faces
  • Edging position and edging material
  • Correct label placement and orientation guides
  • Additional customizable reference fields for labels and CNC management

In addition, on installing PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries, a range of recommended settings are automatically applied to OptiNest. These include:

  • OptiNest links to PolyBoard’s materials
  • Sample panel stocks
  • DXF import settings detailing the tooling selection criteria
  • Optimization parameters
  • Additional references

Find out more

This video, along with full details on how the integration works, is covered in the OptiNest Help Centre resources.

Help Centre: OptiNest tutorials

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