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Adding a text field to post processor report files

This video shows you how to add a text field separator (a semi-colon or colon for example) to a post processor (PP) report file.

The PP report file can be read by some machines and specifies what manufacturing files have been exported by PolyBoard.

It can also be used to export cutting lists or machine file lists to any other application that can read a text file.

To begin, open the PolyBoard software, click on the File menu at the top of the screen, and then >Post-Processor Options. Scroll through the Post-Processors list on the left-side of the menu to find the machine you are using and click to select it. In our example we are going to set it up for the BiesseNest PP which uses CIX files.

Next click on Format on the bottom right side of the menu to adjust the format of the post processor report file. This will open another menu which will give you the possibility to set-up the different fields for when you export the PP report.

In the new Format menu that has opened, you can see that the Format list on the right-hand side includes the fields that will be added to the PP report. The Available Items list on the left-hand side includes fields that can be added to the report if desired. To add or remove an item, use the >>> and <<< arrows to move the items between the two boxes, or simply select it and drag it over.

To remove an item from the Format box for example, simply select it with your mouse and use the <<< arrow to move it over to the Available Items box.

To add an item, we can click on File Name for example and use the >>> arrow to move it to the bottom of our Format list. However, we need a semicolon to be added between the list items.

To do so we can click on Text from the Available Items list, and drag it over to sit in the Format list, right above our File Name field. The field will create a text box for you to write text inside, and in this case you can type a semicolon [;] and hit enter. This semi-colon will now appear in the PP report, which will separate the two fields Top Edge’s Material and File Name.

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