Project mode

In Cabinet mode you design a single piece of furniture. In Project mode you create the environment (normally the room layout) of your project.

You are then able to quickly position, move and modify individuals units within it. Project mode is great for 3D presentations and assembly plans, and to check your project is workable in situ.

It also allows you to build more complex units in smaller parts, so they are easier to design and manufacture.

We’ve created this video to show you how to create a room with a sloping ceiling and wall alcove. Several of the models that come with PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries download include complex room layouts like this.

Instead of adding walls as you normally would, the layout is actually a cabinet. This allows you to add a sloping top, double backs and other components to build your layout.

The video also highlights an alternative and quick way to add windows (and doors). Normally you would add a wall section and apply an image to it. But here, as the layout is a cabinet, we’ve added an inner tooling linked to a window image.

Here’s another video below using the same room layout that shows you how to add a modular cabinet, so one based on several individual cabinets.

This video covers some additional features including:

  • Group and ungroup cabinets to move them into place with ease
  • Resize individual and groups of cabinet to fit
  • Raise the cabinets and add a single plinth below
  • Add a sloping top to accommodate the ceiling

Adding the floor wasn’t shown in the video. This can be drawn in PolyBoard’s Edit surfaces window, or you can import the shape as a DXF file.

Practically there’s a limit to the size of a single cabinet you would build so large cabinets will necessarily be modular. Project mode is useful to build other modular furniture, like the desk below.

modular desk designed in polyboard

This design is a combination of:

  • Two cabinets with drawers
  • The back could be either a cabinet with just a back panel, or added using the cover panel feature
  • The top can be added using the worktop feature

More resources

Our PolyBoard Essentials guide includes lots of advice on working in Project mode. We also have details on the measuring tool to ensure editing your design is quick and accurate. Click below to view these resources:

Essentials guide: multi cabinet projects

The measuring tool and dimensioned plans

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