Side drawers

As well as applying drawers in the standard way to the front of your cabinets, they can be positioned on either side or the back.

In this video we’ll show you how to add drawers to the front and side of a cabinet.

We start by creating a new cabinet, setting the height and choosing a drawer manufacturing method we would like for this project.

In the Properties menu all the panels are included.

If we remove the back we can now apply drawers to the back by selecting the location we need.

We’re going to add in the back again, but remove the right side panel.

Now we’ll add a shelf 1/3 of the way from the bottom.

And in the upper volume add a double back at the front of the cabinet.

In the lower volume we’ll add an upright to the right side.

Now we’ll add our drawers, first in the lower volume, positioned to open from the front as normal.

But in the upper volume the drawers are applied to the right side, all other locations are greyed out as we have panels everywhere else.

In 3D we can see the front drawer with a panel above it, and the 2 side drawers with a panel below them.

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