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How do I save and restore my settings?

Polyboard, StairDesigner and OptiCut have a save and restore feature.

Saving your settings exports a composite file including all the required data (excluding icons and toolbars) for a complete restoration. These settings include your libraries and manufacturing methods, your textures, post processor settings, print and label settings and more.

We recommend saving all your settings on a regular basis, along with your model libraries (not part of this process). However, use discretion when deciding which settings to restore. For example you may not want to overwrite a new version of the Quick Design libraries with your old ones.

If you modify our standard Quick Design libraries, we also recommend you save the main libraries folder with a new name. This will ensure it does not get overwritten if you load new libraries from our website.

It is also possible to move library elements into a new library. You may want to do this is you have your own customised library set up, but want to add new items from the latest version we release. Please see our videos tutorials or ask on the forum for advice if required.

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