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What are the software system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are:


7, 8, 10 or higher and 8GB RAM recommended, 16GB if you’re working on large and complex projects.

Graphics card (PolyBoard, StairDesigner): DirectX compatibility required which almost all cards have. We recommend the card has a minimum of 4GB memory.

Other than access to the output, the free version of our software includes all features. So you can download and test the software on your own computer.


PolyBoard, StairDesigner, OptiCut and OptiNest do not have a Mac version.

However, we have many Mac clients successfully using our software with a Windows Emulator.

Several of our customers use VMware Fusion which you can try. We have also received good reports on Parallels run in Coherence Mode.

In addition, you will need Boot Camp installed which is normally pre-installed on Macs.

Another solution is to buy another (even second hand) PC just for your design software.

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