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How do I uninstall and move my software to a new computer?

Polyboard, StairDesigner, OptiCut and OptiNest

If you need to move your software to another computer, it is important you follow this procedure to get a new Activation Code.

You must first uninstall your software from the old computer.

Important! Do not uninstall the software as you normally would with Windows. You will not get the code you need that way and will not be able to get it later either.

Instead, navigate to and click on the Uninstall.exe file which uninstalls the software and extracts the code we need. You should find it on your hard drive under ‘Program Files/Boole & Partners/Polyboard (version number)’ for Polyboard for example.

Please send us the Uninstallation Code and also the User Code of the free version of the software installed on the new computer.

Once we have both of these codes, we will be able to generate a new Activation Code for you.

Please note, our re/activation service is exclusively available to Premium Support subscribers.

Important! Make sure you have saved your settings before uninstalling. Please see this article for advice.

Thank you.

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